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Famous Faces With Food Allergies

It's hard to imagine our favorite celebrities as normal people, but they are! And just like other normal people, they also suffer from food allergies. See the list below: Serena Williams (Tennis Player) /// Allergy: Peanuts 

Ray Romano (Actor, "Everybody Loves Raymond") /// Allergy: Peanuts 

Joshua Jackson (Actor, "Dawson's Creak") /// Allergy: Peanuts

Billy Bob Thornton (Actor, "Bad Santa") /// Allergy: Shellfish and Dairy

Halle Berry (Actor, "Monster's Ball") /// Allergy: Shrimp

Drew Barrymore (Actor, "Never Been Kissed") /// Allergy: Garlic and Coffee

Malia Obama (First Daughter) /// Allergy: Peanuts

Steve Martin (Actor, "Father of the Bride") /// Allergy: Shellfish


Pasta Recipe Remix

Pasta Recipe Remix

When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Sweet Tea

When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Sweet Tea